Day-2-Day (Including Dental and Optometry) + Hospital + Accidental

Monthly Premium 
Principle MemberR770


Medical bills can quickly become overwhelming without the right cover. Our day-2-day medical insurance option protects you and your family against unforeseen medical costs.

 Waiting Period Visits per Year Benefit
GP1 Month4R400
Specialist3 Months2R560
Acute Meds1 Month-R800
Blood Test1 Month3R370
Radiology1 Month3R370
Consulting Room1 Month3R50
Optometry12 Months1 Every 24 MonthsR1650
Dental3 Months-Prime

Dental Plan - Included in Day-2-Day Plan

Get basic & specialised dental cober at a price that suits your needs. 24 Hour call Centre to advise, assist and help. Drum Tel: 0861 843 842

Green - Prime   
Waiting PeriodVisits per YearBenefit
Consultation3 Months2@AGS Rate
Fillings3 Months2@AGS Rate
X-Rays3 Months2@AGS Rate
Extractions3 Months2@AGS Rate
Emergency Root Canal3 Months2@AGS Rate
Wisdom in Chair6 Months2@AGS Rate
Temporary Crown6 Months2@AGS Rate
TraumaNone1R16 000 per year


The sudden and unexpected occurrence of an illness or dread disease, or the unforeseen need for an operation, is a reality we have to consider and plan for. Our hospital plan provides hospital cover that is not only complete and all-inclusive, but affordable and replete with a range of benefits.
24 Hour call Centre to advise, assist and help. Africa Assist Tel: 087 135 3954

 Waiting Period Benefits
Illness and Operations
3 Months
R100 000 per year
Dreaded Disease
6 Months
Included in above
Pre-existing Conditions
12 Months
Included in above
Accidental/Trauma room
R15 000 per year
EMS, Ambulance
R35 000 per year
Pregnancy Cover for Birth
9 Months
R30 000 per year


It’s the first hour that will mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation – quick medical response is vital. Our personal
accident insurance is fully comprehensive, and along with guaranteed quick response and accident cover that provides peace-of-mind, you get
a range of benefits. 24 Hour call Centre to advise, assist and help. Africa Assist Tel: 087 135 3954

 Waiting Period Benefits
Accidental Hospitalisation
NoneR100 000 per year
Accidental/Trauma room Benefits
R15 000 per year
EMS, Ambulance and ParamedicsNoneR35 000 per year

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