Dental Gold Only

Gold Dental

Monthly Premium 
Principle MemberR400


Get basic & specialised dental cober at a price that suits your needs. 24 Hour call Centre to advise, assist and help. Drum Tel: 0861 843 842

Gold Dental  
Visits per YearBenefit
Consultation2@DRC Rate
Fillings2@DRC Rate
X-Rays2@DRC Rate
Extractions2@DRC Rate
Emergency Root Canal2@DRC Rate
Bite Plate1@DRC Rate
Mouth Guard1@DRC Rate
Pan Scan1@DRC Rate
Scale and Polish2@DRC Rate
Wisdom in Chair4Up to R1 250 Each
Wisdom in Hospital4Up to R3 500 Each
Root Canal3@DRC Rate
Dentures1Up to R3 500 Each
Temporary Crown3@DRC Rate
Crowns and Bridges2Up to R4 000
Implants2Up to R6 000
Trauma1R25 000 per year

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